The art of selling yourself short.

I believe that the correct title of that song is ‘the science..’ not the art, but I also have reasons to believe that selling myself short has become an inherent part of my persona, in such ways of an artist.

It has happened to me on several occasions, in my work life, with my friends and when I’ve been ‘in love’. Mostly it happens with work, which frustrates in such ways, that I don’t know what would be of me if I wasn’t so patient and even-tempered. I have lost myself into fake friends, people that pretended (very well) that they cared for me and into job positions without securing myself the appropriate paycheck. Making the story short, the last time, I moved to a new location for a job with a considerable good paycheck. I was until I arrived that I had to sign over again my contract with a considerable paycheck reduction.

I think I just trust too much in people and think that everybody is good in essence. bleep word… 

I am two weeks from reaching a year on my current job, a year of short-term contracts, of a very low paycheck, of disliking the job. To be fair, it was only 10 months of that because after begging for 8 months, I finally got the paycheck I was promised in the beginning, but still only a 2 months contract so, it will be a full year of uncertainty, of not knowing if I will have a job after the contract’s time is done and that my friends, that is what sucks about my current situation.

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