Michelin Star Chefs that Rock: Paco Ruano

Rock Star Chef: Flavors from the Pacific with Francisco Ruano.


Last 27 & 28 of July 2016, one of the finest gastronomic events there can be on this destination took place; Rock Star Chef dinner, a unique experience that can only be lived in this resort, at the hands of the elite of the culinary world, both national as international. In this gala dinner, a special menu was elaborated with a series of courses that are not available at any of our specialty restaurants, as usual, these courses are exclusive creations from the host Chef.

The host of this occasion, Francisco “Paco” Ruano, is the owner and main chef of ‘Alcalde’ (mayor, in Spanish); considered the finest restaurant in Guadalajara, Mexico, and it is there where this avowed Chef shares his “hearty cuisine” as he himself defines it; forthright and purely simple flavors that seek to aggrandize his hometown cooking. It is such his reputation that it is to be known in Guadalajara to be two mayors, him that takes care of the law & such, and Paco Ruano, leading from inside the kitchen.

Bringing this gastronomic event and being able to see how our guests delight in it, is something that brings us great satisfaction, being so that it is not only pleasing their taste; it is all about giving their visit an unparalleled feeling, creating experiences, and what a better way to do it than adding exclusive flavors to it.

On the event’s first night, we got to know the Orellana family, who enjoyed every course and the particular flavors that the Chef created in them; they, a father from Honduras & Italian mother, with two young North American daughters, wherein their second night at the hotel on their first time visiting Mexico, while at the same time, traveling to a different place, gastronomically speaking, from their table.

from my past job as a Marketing Copywriter for Hard Rock Hotels Mexico.


While Mr. Orellana was being taken back to the Latin American flavors that reminded him to Honduras and his mother’s cooking as he put it himself, his wife enjoyed flavors that were nothing like what the food back in New York; their daughters were savoring for the first time a curd ‘gordita’ and beef’s tongue. The youngest of them loves to get into the kitchen and cook diverse kind of dishes, their parents told me, and this was what made the Chef to kindly get close to say hi and exchange a few minutes of conversation with a possible future culinary Rock Star. This experience gives them an added value to simply visit the Caribbean Sea and its turquoise water; something they can talk about with their friends when they tell them about that first time they visited Mexico and stayed at Hard Rock Hotel Cancun.  

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