This week I felt that inevitable fear that a son can/must/will feel. My dad went in for a routine check-out, and the doctors did not let him leave the hospital for medical reasons, more specific, his heart.

My dad is 62 years old, but he is as hard as oak, besides that fact he has been more thoughtful of his health and been in consequence, taking care of himself. The fact that you have your father in the hospital is more than sufficient to worry and to have fucked up thoughts, but one can also keep themselves busy with good memories which is what I’ve been doing.

Thankfully, my dad is coming home, his heart is healthy and his mind too. I’ll be more than happy to enjoy some quality time with him and to literally, enjoy him and this new opportunity that God has given me with him.

There is a saying that goes: “a father should never bury his sons, it should be the other way around.” or something like that. The fact is that yes, a father should not suffer the death of their sons, but should the sons suffer that instead?

I believe in the natural order and that there is no escape from this but, there is no suffering (from a son’s point of view) if you genuinely have quality time with your father (and mother), if you enjoy and live the love of your parents then you will not suffer when they are gone; instead, you will grow and be a better person for you and others from what you learn and absorb from your parents while they are with you in this world.

Mom, Dad… I love you deeply.

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