This week I felt that inevitable fear that a son can/must/will feel. My dad went in for a routine check-out, and the doctors did not let him leave the hospital for medical reasons, more specific, his heart.

My dad is 62 years old, but he is as hard as oak, besides that fact he has been more thoughtful of his health and been in consequence, taking care of himself. The fact that you have your father in the hospital is more than sufficient to worry and to have fucked up thoughts, but one can also keep themselves busy with good memories which is what I’ve been doing.

Thankfully, my dad is coming home, his heart is healthy and his mind too. I’ll be more than happy to enjoy some quality time with him and to literally, enjoy him and this new opportunity that God has given me with him.

There is a saying that goes: “a father should never bury his sons, it should be the other way around.” or something like that. The fact is that yes, a father should not suffer the death of their sons, but should the sons suffer that instead?

I believe in the natural order and that there is no escape from this but, there is no suffering (from a son’s point of view) if you genuinely have quality time with your father (and mother), if you enjoy and live the love of your parents then you will not suffer when they are gone; instead, you will grow and be a better person for you and others from what you learn and absorb from your parents while they are with you in this world.

Mom, Dad… I love you deeply.


“Go forward as fearlessly as possible”
Henry Rollins

The Godly Chic Diaries

For someone reading this, something has been pending. You’ve been waiting on a YES. You’re about to get it. God has blown the door wide open in your favor…

I believe that every promise God has given me is for ME, and I trust Him with every fibre of my being. How about you?

There are doors that will specifically open just for you. But will you be ready! Will you be courageous enough to walk through them, Will you believe that you were created for this?

Oftentimes we blame others for our lack of opportunity, but most times we hinder ourselves. We let self-doubt, fear and uncertainty guide us. NO MORE!!! Let’s choose to live a life walking in faith. Believing in ourselves and believing more in the God that created us.

So don’t sit on the sidelines watching others step out in faith, thinking that it is not…

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The bittersweet waiting

I have been here before. I have been this anxious. I have been this needy. I have been talking to myself checking if I did well with the interviews or if I said the right things if I behaved correctly… if I was entirely myself. If that was what they were looking for.

It’s an unpleasant place to be this situation, wanting to work so hard but having no place to work for, I enjoy having time to myself, but there is no joy in it if there is only that. I cannot be wasting time, I could, but I am not seven years old on a perpetual Saturday morning watching the early morning cartoons and waiting for my friends to go and play. To my grown ass bad luck, I need to earn money for a living, and I like doing so.

Photo by Kyle Tran on Unsplash

These past couples of weeks have been desperate times for me, and I’ve been forcing my way in a city where I have no one, but I want to stay here and keep growing. Hopefully writing my simple life issues can ease my mind as I wait for a decision and a green light to start working again.

The only antidote for this is pure and simple patience.

Tic, toc, tic, toc.

Photo by Yaniv Knobel on Unsplash

My shot at a fantastic job opportunity.

 So, I saw this incredible (and BIG) creative digital production company (MediaMonks) was landing in Mexico City for the first time, and I did not hesitate, applied for the copywriter position not knowing if I’ll get an answer (self-doubt sucks) and they did answer!

I was asked to write a piece about an event/activation at the San Diego Comic Con, so I wrote the following:

Everybody was dreaming about this, Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan made it real for you.

Thanks to the mesmerizing take over SDCC that this renewed franchise just landed, people can now talk about what it feels like or should feel like to be into the world of VR.

When people talk about VR, they have this idea of what it should be, a concept that can go from videos of people falling or screaming to a VR reality activation in the mall, to the adventure took upon by the remake of the classic Tron movie.

We all started to jump into activations, videos or anything that got us closer to that feeling. Have you seen that video of America’s got talent with the mesmerizing VR experience? I believe that this Tom Clancy’s activation feels exactly like that. link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7sjqX4E3qsE

Today, we have the movie Ready Player One and this jaw-dropping video making people aware of the possibilities that VR brings to us; the keyword is experiencing and usually to do so in the world of Virtual reality, we just needed to put on a helmet and let ourselves go into what our eyes watched. Not for Jack Ryan, no sir. This franchise just took the same concept of being just an analyst turned operative and made you not only wearing a VR helmet and “analyze” what you’re seeing but turned you active into the world of this character. They brought us an Immersive immersion, and it is pure gold.

You’re repelling, running, suppressing enemy fire and driving to get back to safety in the heart of the middle east while standing in San Diego, moving around an entire 60,000 square foot city block, making the Virtual Reality your actual reality as you are physically active.

Making immersive interactions just got to a new level, more in-depth into what the customers think this experience should look and make you feel. This experience seems to be just like the lost City of Z, and we just found it.

Photo by Alexa Mazzarello on Unsplash

I did not get the job unfortunately but writing this kind of renewed my incline into wanting to write for a living and pursuing a career related to this. The whole process of searching, proofreading, writing a draft, delete a part, all of it, writing it again a hundred times. It was energizing.

“The first draft of anything is shit” – Ernest Hemingway

Hopefully, I will land one of my shots at jobs as a copywriter right in the bull’s eye one of these days.

The art of selling yourself short.

I believe that the correct title of that song is ‘the science..’ not the art, but I also have reasons to believe that selling myself short has become an inherent part of my persona, in such ways of an artist.

It has happened to me on several occasions, in my work life, with my friends and when I’ve been ‘in love’. Mostly it happens with work, which frustrates in such ways, that I don’t know what would be of me if I wasn’t so patient and even-tempered. I have lost myself into fake friends, people that pretended (very well) that they cared for me and into job positions without securing myself the appropriate paycheck. Making the story short, the last time, I moved to a new location for a job with a considerable good paycheck. I was until I arrived that I had to sign over again my contract with a considerable paycheck reduction.

I think I just trust too much in people and think that everybody is good in essence. bleep word… 

I am two weeks from reaching a year on my current job, a year of short-term contracts, of a very low paycheck, of disliking the job. To be fair, it was only 10 months of that because after begging for 8 months, I finally got the paycheck I was promised in the beginning, but still only a 2 months contract so, it will be a full year of uncertainty, of not knowing if I will have a job after the contract’s time is done and that my friends, that is what sucks about my current situation.