Forward – Backwards – Forward

Change needs to be embraced with open arms, face forward and adapt as the times change. We all look to put our best foot forward at all times; some of us can get stuck in one of those steps we make, like stepping into a quicksand, and the more you try to step back or to a side or anywhere outside that place, it pulls you more inside.

A bad decision can cost you your job, your friends, money or more things, take your pick. I can guess that maybe all of us have gone through this “quicksand” phases. Every few steps forward can sometimes come with a fall backward, sometimes its a stumble but onward, I usually fall, backward.

Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

Falling sucks. Once I fell for eight months straight and, as I write these words I have been falling for two months; several job opportunities, interviews and so but every time something good presents itself, and you feel like taking that firm step forward, all of a sudden a brick is thrown at your way.

Bricks in the shape of ‘we’ve decided not to hire that position at the time being’ or ‘a family member of yours works here so, we can continue with your application.’ Big ass bricks like those, it is savage what those do to your spirit. Luckily, some individuals have the emotional strength to bounce back from adversity, resiliency.

Ending these words, I think about the movie, ‘In search of happiness,’ and the quote: “This part of my life, this little part… is called happiness.

As long as you have a strong spirit and mind, the support from your family and friends and the will to overcome difficult situations, you will have the absolute strength to pull your foot back from that quicksand, put our best foot forward and achieve little parts of a so-called life to call them happiness of our own.

Photo by Wil Stewart on Unsplash


noun: acquiescence; plural noun: acquiescences
the reluctant acceptance of something without protest.

As time goes by, you have to make choices that will open or close doors for you in every aspect of life. But I’m not trying to be all deep with these words, I believe that when the time is up, you can either accept it or go against it.

In my case, I think that if things do not go as planned or as once mentalized, I’m just reluctant to go with that flow. I have to see myself trapped and without resources or moves before that final checkmate moment.

Photo by Michael Hardy on Unsplash

The work hours for a job position ends, the time for being in a place ends, the lastingness of a situation has to stop. Everything good and bad has a life span. Hopefully, I’ll find a job soon so I can quit with all this alone time that has me in a continuous spiral of thoughts, stressing myself.